Life outside of Earth can be hard to find. It was thought that life could not survive in our solar system outside of Earth. It would be too harsh for any living creature to survive. It is; except for extremophiles.

Lichens showed promising results under Martian conditions. Escherichia coli and Paracoccus denitrificans not only survived, but also grew under high gravity (403,627 times the gravity of Earth) such as those found on large stars.

Life outside of Earth in our solar system may not exist as 4 feet tall, green creatures from movies, but they may exist in places outside of our vision.



3 thoughts on “Extremophiles

  1. I wonder if the development of extremophiles requires the development of early life like on Earth and then slow adaptation to certain niche environments. If not, the possibility of life on other planets increases dramatically!


  2. It would be interesting to note whether intelligent life could actually arise from an extremophile. I remember watching/reading somewhere that predators end up becoming more intelligent because they need to be to survive – thus humans, a predator, evolved to make the most out of our brains. If extremophiles just lounge around processing materials, it is difficult for me to see them getting smart.


  3. Hi, Grader here!
    Very interesting post! These creatures are about 1 millionth of a meter, so they are extremely small. Do you know how long it would take them to grow to a considerable size? And does gravity have an effect on their growth rate? Before this post, I wasn’t aware they they were able to grow under high gravity.


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