Space has a lot of….space

Most people, including myself before ASTR201, have only seen seen the scaled models of the solar systems where planets are to scale but right next to each other.

However, space is called space for a reason. You may have heard of the real life scaled down model, but you would never understand the true emptiness until you either walked it or scrolled it by using this website. Experience the time it takes to scroll from the Sun to Earth. Look at the distance between the Earth and the Moon and compared it to the distance to Mars. It makes sending a rover look more impressive.


3 thoughts on “Space has a lot of….space

  1. Empty as far as we can tell! At the atomic and energetic level, though, it’s probably quite vivid and full and that’s only what we can imagine in our 3rd dimensional state. At higher order dimensions, our Universe may be jam-packed with an infinite number of objects and life.


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