The Scale of the Universe

This¬†website allows you to scroll and compare the sizes of from the smallest, a Quantum Foam, to the Observable Universe. Starting at the scale of the Eiffel Tower, humans disappear from view. The sizes of objects increase each time you scroll out. The Eiffel Tower disappears when you start looking at Rhode Island. Then the […]

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Speed of Light and Time

After 6 months, astronauts in the International Space Station would have aged about 0.007 seconds less that people on Earth. This is due to the International Space Station moving much faster than the Earth. Time itself will bend due to differences in gravity or velocity. Now what if an object starts to move close to […]

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Hey here, I am Kewei Xu. I am an Electrical Engineering Major with a Computer Science Minor. I ¬† I sometimes forget to do assignments like this one. Did you read the previous sentence as “I sometimes” or “I I sometimes”?

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