People said that the current generation is born too early to explore space, yet born too late to explore Earth. I do not believe that to be true. Humans are learning and exploring space everyday through space probes, telescopes, and other instruments. While, the current generation will probably not be able to explore space physically, […]

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Life outside of Earth can be hard to find. It was thought¬†that life could not survive in our solar system outside of Earth. It would be too harsh for any living creature to survive. It is; except for extremophiles. Lichens showed promising results under Martian conditions. Escherichia coli and Paracoccus denitrificans not only survived, but […]

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Space has a lot of….space

Most people, including myself before ASTR201, have only seen seen the scaled models of the solar systems where planets are to scale but right next to each other. However, space is called space for a reason. You may have heard of the real life scaled down model, but you would never understand the true emptiness […]

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WASP-12b is an HUGE planet that orbits extremely closely to its star. Due to the close distance (at 1/44 the distance compared to the distance between Earth and the Sun), WASP-12b has a very low densities from the flux of energy from the star and is being distorted into an egg shape. The most interesting […]

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Death and Space

In old space movies, when someone is left exposed in space, they explode. Well this have some merit, it is not 100% true. In space and its pressure (or lack of) causes the water in the human body will expand into water vapor. This causes severe internal swelling up to twice the size. Due to […]

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Probing the Sun

With our current technology, the Sun is not physically explorable with its photosphere reaching 10,000 degrees F and its coreona reaching 3.5 milion degreees F. Yet, humans have multiple probes receiving data from orbiting spacecrafts.¬†Currently there are 5 spacecrafts watching the Sun: WIND, SOHO, ACE, STEREO A, and STEREO B. The spacecrafts take in solar […]

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The Great Filter

When you think of the size of the universe, there must be life elsewhere. There are 100 – 400 billion stars just in our galaxy, and just as many galaxies in the universe. If we estimate that 5% of all stars are sun-like, which is on the low side. There should be 500 quintillion sun-like […]

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